Irvine Meadow Ace is able to get well from a mind harm and finish the nightmare

Irvine Meadow ace Graham Boyd insists he’s finally ready to end two and a half years in the wild after recovering from a brain injury.

The 28-year-old forward is hoping to play before the end of this season after recovering from language and cognitive problems caused by a horror fall last summer.

He tried to prevent a man from being beaten up by a group of thugs in the street and was knocked unconscious to the ground.

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The blow caused bleeding in the brain and a host of complications that took months to struggle to speak properly and think clearly.

The popular frontman was on the verge of a long-awaited return after investigating a longstanding knee problem when the incident occurred while on a work trip to Birmingham in July.

Graham Boyd, center.

Now, having wowed the doctors with his advances, he admits he’s desperate to get back on the field to make up for lost time.

And he insists that the mere thought of running again in Meadow Park is enough to make him shudder.

He said: “It’s been a very tough couple years and I haven’t had the best luck, first with my knee injury and then my accident, but now I feel ready to play again.

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“I feel like the old me again and have taken part in Zoom fitness training with the boys. I want to get back on the pitch and help them as soon as possible.

“It’s crazy to think the last time I was 25, but I’m not someone who feels sorry for me.”

Boyd will surely deserve his moment when he comes after going through the mill since September 15, 2018.

The striker is hoping to regain the form he was in before his knee injury

On that day, the popular front man suffered a knee injury that would put him out of action for almost two years.

He had to endure a number of false dawns during this testing period, but the cruelest thing just came when he thought he was over the worst.

After a specialist got to the bottom of his knee problems early last year, Boyd wanted to return for the 2020/21 season.

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He worked his butt off pain-free to make himself available for the preseason. But the unfortunate trip to Birmingham would have devastating consequences not only for his hopes but also for his life.

“I was out for dinner and was going back to my hotel when I saw a group of men beating a man on the sidewalk,” Boyd said.

“Without thinking, I tried to get between the group and the poor guy to try to calm the situation down.

Boyd in scorer mode

“The last thing I remember is looking down on the guy.”

Boyd spent the following week in the hospital but can barely remember his time there.

“My family and girlfriend had to help me put things together for the first few weeks after the accident,” he added.

“When I got out of the hospital, I had to live with my mother for a month and a half because I was just not right.

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“I needed help because my mind processing was very slow. I would have trouble speaking and focusing on conversations and the television. My family made sure I ate and kept my medication.

“It was really strange because even though I looked good, I just didn’t feel like me inside. It was really unsettling. ”

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, it took Boyd longer than normal to see a specialist.

Boyd in the thick of it

But doctors are now excited about the progress he’s making and have given him the green light to return to football.

He revealed, “One of the first things I said to the doctors was that I was playing soccer because I wanted to see if I could still do it.

“I’m the kind of player who wins the ball and puts my elbows in my head, so I needed that reassurance.”

Boyd insists that the love and support of his family, girlfriend, and Meadow teammates have fueled his recovery immeasurably.

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“My family looked after me and comforted me and never complained,” he said. “I couldn’t have come this far without her.

“The Meadow Boys were fantastic too. When I couldn’t speak, Rhys Devlin, Eddie McTernan, Calum Gow, and Ryan Carnwath would pick me up and take me for a ride.

“I would just sit and listen to them and they accepted that. It has done the world of good for me.

“That’s what I loved and missed so much about my time at Meadow – being part of a special locker room.

“We’re a very close bunch. I see the guys as my friends, not just teammates. It’s honestly the best dressing room I’ve had in my career.

Boyd says the support of his Medda teammates helped him with his ordeal

“Even when I was out with a knee injury, I came to every game because I love being a part of it.

“I was even excited to think about last year’s preseason and who is looking forward to the preseason?”

Boyd is now aiming for a return to action in the coming weeks and believes he can make a difference quickly.

“Before I got injured, the team was in a bit of a problem, but I was on fire,” he said.

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“Some players have come and gone since then, but I think I’m offering something different from the strikers we have right now.

“Eddie McTernan once described me as a battering ram and I will be happy to do this job again!

“Just thinking about running to the park, no matter scoring a goal, is enough to make me shiver.”

Meadow manager Colin Spence admits he’s excited about the prospect of having Boyd back in his plans.

He said, “I’m happy for the great man after everything he’s been through. He gives us one more option and we all look forward to seeing him play again. “

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