Irvine Meadow ace insists “I used to be sh **” after Wundertor seals the staff’s cup progress

Connor Boyd scored a stunning goal to secure Irvine Meadows spot in the third round of the Soccer Shop Challenge Cup and insisted, “I was sh ** today.”

The sensational finish, which you can see below, gave Meadow a 3-0 lead at Albyn Park against 10-man Broxburn Athletic.

But Medda co-boss Colin Spence has shown that the former Killie starlet was far from satisfied with his own contribution in the 90 minutes.

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He said, “Connor’s finish was brilliant, but he’s gone wild with himself.

“He said to us,” I was the day and said how he had had a bad game.

“We needed the third goal to get the game to bed because Broxburn were a threat and a decent team.”

Spence was delighted with his team’s performance and believes a large part of it can be attributed to winning the midfield match.

He said: “We tweaked it today and changed the formation.

“I felt the three games we played so far were decent. We had two wins but we didn’t have enough control over the games in the middle of the park.

“In the first half, Mark McLennan and Andy McLaughlin got on the ball and we set most of the game and the pace of the game.

Colin Spence

“We don’t do that and it worked for us.

“Dylan Pooler came out on top and was the liaison. He held up against turning teams, which we may have done too much.

“The second half, thanks to Broxburn tying the 2-0 Cup draw, and we weathered the storm.

“It may be a bit of a disappointment that we didn’t bet that much in the second half, especially when they dropped to 10 men.

“We could have endured the game a little more.”

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Spence insisted it was important to get back on your feet after losing to Hurlford last week.

He added: “After losing at a club like Meadow, the next game is so important.

“You can’t lose two losses in a row. We looked for a reaction and we definitely got it.

“You can’t get out of the cup early. It’ll keep your season going, so I’m happy to be in the hat for the next round.”

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