Irvine man tries record breaking 15-hour wall seat

Irvine workers who have been praised for their world records for years are back. This time around, I tried a charity wall-sitting for 15 hours.

William Cannon would like to sit on the wall at his workplace at Barony Universal on Monday, June 28, and raise significant funds for DEBRA in the process skin disease Epidermolysis bullosa. A charity that supports individuals and their families.

He’s been a wallsit for six years and holds more than 40 world records in his endeavors, but William aims to break the current world record of 12 hours and 45 minutes. Therefore, this challenge is considered an “eternal world record”. alone.

Wilhelm explains:

“There’s a Wall Sit Club at the moment so there’s no doubt someone will overtake me, but I think it’s too far away.

“That’s why I call it an all-time world record.

“I would go 15 hours without a toilet break, starve food and water 24 hours beforehand, and essentially never take it out of my mouth. Basically because it keeps you from going to the bathroom. They should all be dry.

“You have to live in your own mind, not your own physical strength, and you have to detach your mind from all the thoughts of eating and go elsewhere. ..

“I feel like I can move away because I do a lot of yoga, which helps me meditate and bring out the inner strength of my mind.”

If you would like to help William, you will be asked to donate directly to DEBRA.

Irvine man tries record breaking 15-hour wall sit Source link Irvine man tries record breaking 15 hour wall sit

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