Irvine leads OC in Home Appreciation


According to surveys of home buyers conducted by Irvine-based home builder Irvine Pacific, schools are the most important factor in choosing Irvine.

In a 2019 statewide study, the Irvine Unified School District was ranked the largest district in the state based on state test scores, teacher-to-student ratio, and math and reading literacy.

“We never have to sell Irvine,” says Michelle Harrington, Irvine real estate agent.

“The schools here speak for themselves.”


Irvine has almost a job for every resident – a balance that’s among the best in America. It includes high-paying jobs in medical technology, biotechnology, financial technology, and many Fortune 500 companies.

“People want to live close to work to protect and enhance home values,” said John Shumway, director of Concord Group, a national real estate strategy firm. “You won’t leave if your commute to work is short and you got your dream job. It creates demand that adds value. “


Last year, Irvine’s 268 parks were ranked # 1 in California by The Trust for Public Land. And according to studies by the University of Washington, parks create an added value of up to 20%.

“Every community has parks and recreational areas,” says Teri Cho, real estate agent at Realty One Group in Irvine. “That makes it convenient for families to get out and enjoy the California weather.”


For 14 years in a row, Irvine has been recognized by the FBI as the Safest Big City in America.

“Yes, our parks, schools, and malls are beautiful, but also safe,” says Kristi Blazier, a bank clerk who lives with her family in Woodbury Village. “As a mother, there is nothing more important to me.”

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