Irvine is preparing for new elementary school

Irvine is preparing for new elementary school

Proposals to build a new elementary school in Irvine were stamped.

The elected members approved plans for the new non-denominational school for the Montgomerie Park and Knadgerhill areas of Irvine to meet the growing demand for places.

At the meeting, they learned that the majority (79%) of the legal consultation respondents agreed to the proposal. Now the decision has been confirmed North Ayrshire Council will drive the proposal forward with the aim of opening the new school in August 2023.

The plans for the school were first announced in late 2019. In January 2020, the council held a preparatory event to seek the collective views of the schools concerned – Annick, Lawthorn and Irvine Royal Academy – and to find the best way forward.

The COVID-19 crisis slowed the process and forced the legal consultation to be postponed. On December 18, 2020, the council received confirmation that the new school proposal was included in the second phase of investing in Scotland’s Learning Estate strategy.

The consultation, which opened on January 11, 2021, further informed the Council.

The change in the catchment area of ​​the Annick Primary School is expected to take place from January 2023. This will ensure that the registration requirements for students planning to attend the new school are met.

In recent years, 481 houses have been built in Montgomerie Park – and another 483 are to be expanded. A new school has priority because the number of students is there and non-denominational schools are already attending almost 200.

Andrew McClelland, Service Director (Education), said: “There is clearly a need for a new school in this area and we look forward to moving forward with our plans now.

“We must thank everyone who participated in the legal consultation and the various engagement events that we have held since the plans for the new school were announced. Everyone’s input has been extremely helpful and it is very encouraging that the school has widespread support.

“We have a track record of providing world-class educational facilities and we are sure this new elementary school will be no different.”

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