Irvine Grocery Retailer Serving Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, and Chipotle, Shifting Headquarters to Texas – Orange County Register

Quality Custom Distribution, a fast food supplier to Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, and Chipotle, is moving its headquarters from Irvine to Texas.

The company, a logistics unit of the food giant Golden State Foods, operates a nationwide chain of 19 distribution centers that store food and distribute it to individual chain restaurants. The new headquarters will initially employ between 30 and 45 people, both relocations and new hires. It is expected to be open in January.

A statement on Quality Custom said the move “will maximize business efficiency by bringing multiple services, including finance, accounting, customer service and purchasing, into one location.”

  • Quality Custom Distribution, based in Irvine, delivers 17,000 shipments per week from 19 distribution centers across the country. (Courtesy QCD)

  • Quality Custom Distribution opened a new facility with an area of ​​183,000 square meters, in which only local Starbucks are served. (Courtesy QCD)

  • Quality Custom Distribution’s new Fontana warehouse at 7953 Cherry Ave. means more than 100 new jobs. (Courtesy QCD)

Quality Custom is a subsidiary of Golden State Foods that began supplying meat to restaurants and hotels in Southern California in 1947. In the 1950s, it won a curious new customer – the young McDonald’s restaurant chain.

Things soon changed when that partnership helped Golden State Foods grow into a $ 7 billion Irvine-based giant worldwide, serving a variety of industry functions, from food manufacturing to storage and inventory management to the storage of an estimated 120,000 restaurants.

As the name suggests, the Quality Custom unit handles some odd services for customers. Take a new warehouse in Fontana that opened last year with just one purpose: to serve the needs of more than 300 Starbucks in Southern California. This includes a “banana room” that keeps the fruit fresh.

In relocating the company to Texas, Quality Custom felt a need “to better align our corporate resources with our business and better serve our distribution centers and customers,” said Ryan Hammer, corporate vice president and president of Golden at State Foods’ Quality Custom logistics operation , it said in a statement. He joined the company two years ago from Texas-based PepsiCo Inc.

Hammer added: “This centralization will allow us to further expand our distribution business and consolidate our position as a dominant player in the food industry. We look forward to expanding into the Dallas area, which we have chosen for its central location, large talent pool and overall great business environment. “

Quality Customer joins a growing list of California firms moving their headquarters to Texas, most notably Toyota USA’s move from Torrance three years ago. Other moving companies include Occidental Petroleum (from LA) and Jamba Juice (from San Francisco).

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