Irvine Beach identified as a play park in port growth agreement plans

The new play park is set to be part of Irvine’s epic harbor plan – there is a preliminary design of what the area released today will look like.

The North Ayrshire Cabinet will be briefed next week on the work to develop a nautical mile project funded by the Ayrshire Growth Agreement for £ 14 million.

The President of the Council is expected to agree to support the continued participation of the population in the further development of the Great Harbor project. It is also expected that this will allow the Big Idea building to be used again.

Other suggestions include a new place by the water, improvements to pontoons and slipways, and a renovation of the beach pavilion.

The municipalities have now developed a concept for nautical miles to secure funding through the business case process of the Air Shire Growth Deal.

Plans to invest in placemaking, destination development and tourism through the three activity centers include:

• Development of a maritime center, including the creation of additional events and exhibition spaces for the maritime museum, as well as new slipways and berths.

• Development of event / art / leisure / food / commercial zones in the central port area. And

• The main new play / park facilities at Irvine Beach Park.

The conference paper reads: [Coastal Hub] By creating a new playground in the beach park, we want to create improved facilities for play and outdoor activities. The development framework also prepares the development of long-term projects, including: – Re-use of the pilot house. -Development of the beach pavilion as a commercial café / restaurant. -New housing development of land allocated under the adopted LDP. And – a consideration of the future of building great ideas.

“these [Marina/Arts/Events/Food Hub] An expanded public area will be created in the Central Harborside area, including the Harbor Arts Center / Water Sports Club / Ship Inn and GRO.

“The new Waterfront Plaza will help support events and improve access to marine activities by upgrading existing pontoons and slipways. The former port manager’s office and land will help produce and sell food. Help us create more and more target areas for our food offering and offer the potential to take on new businesses.

Irvine Times: “The Maritime Hub aims to expand the facilities of the National Maritime Museum of Scotland (NMMS) and add new exhibits and additional event and exhibition space, including the space for the NMMS Art Collection. Applying for the Heritage Lottery Fund to secure funding required capital investment. The new facility is to be built next to the existing Puffer Cafe. ”

The meeting paper states that the summary business case has been presented to the Scottish Government and is imminent for approval so that the proposal can be made more detailed through to the full stage of the business case.

Irvine beach for play park set in port growth agreement plans Source link Irvine beach for play park set in port growth agreement plans

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