Irvine and Kilwinning swimmers clean up at the Club Awards ceremony

Swimmers from Irvine and Kilwinning won numerous awards at the North Ayrshire Amateur Swimming Club’s Presentation Night 2021.

This year’s event marked the end of the most challenging year for the club since its inception.

Due to the restrictions of Covid-19, the time in the pool was severely limited in the last 12 months, but there was still the possibility of naming age group champions and handing out land training and special trainer prizes.

The club’s silver, gold, youth and national swimmers were able to make the decision on the age group champions, following the Covid-19 protocols at all times.

Sam Currie, 10, of Irvine, Ayrshire, was named champion of the boys aged 10.

Reigning head coach Alan Dickie said, “If there was an award for the best smile in the club, Sam would undoubtedly win it!

“After returning from a serious knee injury in late 2019, he worked hard to get fit again.

Sam Currie

“Because of his competitive ride, he has been at or near the top of the WD speed ladders at a number of events.”

Alan was also very impressed by Lewis Gibson from Kilwinning, Ayrshire, who received the 11 year old boy award.

He said, “Lewis returned to practice and hugged himself and everyone around him.

“If anything, I would like to see him slow down a little while training and focus on the technique.

Lewis Gibson

“He’s relentless in competition and our club championships have certainly demonstrated his competitive instinct. The aim of the boys’ shield has never been in doubt.”

It was another trophy for the Currie household when Adam Currie, Sam’s brother, won the 14-year-old boy title.

Alan continued, “Adam is one of our hardest working swimmers.

“He is totally focused on every session and tries to compete with the older boys around him.

“I have seen a new maturity in this young man. He wants to learn, take advice and get feedback. This will help him in his further development.

Adam Currie

“He swam a series of club championship bests and was excruciatingly close to going 100 under 60 for free and missed 0.05 seconds. I am sure that will be achieved soon after our next return.”

Harry Hume from Irvine was 17 years old and older and Alan insisted: “In 2020 Harry got his money’s worth.

“He went to great lengths at every meeting, focusing on receiving instructions and listening to advice.

“He was a role model for the younger swimmers and I know he enjoyed the sessions a lot more.

Harry Hume

“This was reflected in his performance with our club champions. He has received a number of unconditional offers for study places.”

Trainer prices were set by the club’s paid and volunteer trainers and took into account not only the performance of the swimmers in the pool, but also their attitude and commitment to land and online training sessions during the long months out of the water.

Shane Robison from Irvine was named the best Development Boy this year for his fantastic consistency and determination.

Alan revealed: “Some time ago Shane asked what he had to do to be promoted to Silver Squad. He received some advice which he followed the letter.

“Last year he was selected to swim in the Olympics. That was a fantastic achievement and would have been a great experience for him. Unfortunately, they were canceled.”

Shane Robinson

“Since our return in September, all the coaches have been impressed with his progress and he’s just promoted to the silver squad.”

The club’s swimmers were able to train from September last year until the end of December.

Arranging time trials for the development team was impractical as the age, ability, and complexity of the Covid protocols required were widespread.

The club’s Masters swimmers also missed the chance to compete as they have not been in the water since the circuit breaker lockdown in October, followed by level three restrictions that prevented indoor adult group activities.

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