Impossible, says Robert Irvine

Although Galati is particularly absent from Dinner: Impossible Return, he has made a name for himself. In the years after the show ended, he helped open a restaurant for Ramsay as well as Guy Fieri’s Chophouse. The former sous chef worked his way up the culinary ladder and even opened the steakhouse in 2016 (via Press of Atlantic City).

Galati also landed a hosting gig for the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival. At the time, he shared how much he loved working on the Dinner: Impossible set, and even told Atlantic City Weekly that the show was “not finished” and “will be returning to Restaurant: Impossible”. We hope he will return too!

While news of Galati’s absence from the season may be a disappointment, it is more than justified. Most people wouldn’t return to their office cubicle for even nine to five after a single hip replacement, let alone a double. And now, Dinner: Impossible is as far from a traditional desk job as it gets.

Irvine shared with a Facebook commenter how intense the filming is for the show, calling the show “very physically challenging”. We can’t imagine this would go down well given the sous chef’s recent health issues. We are therefore relieved that Big George has decided to suspend this problem.

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