How the “Rule of Two” silenced Irvine residents by keeping critical city matters off the council’s agenda

Fifty years after the first Irvine City Council in 1971, individual city council members were able to put city concerns on the city council agenda for discussion by council members and the entire Irvine community.

However, in the past two years the Council has adopted “two rules”. This requires a second member of the council (or mayor) to sign the item before it is put on the agenda.

This year, two rules were used to remove from the council’s agenda four important community issues raised by Councilor Larry Agran on behalf of the residents of Irvine.

From a political point of view, the two rules were effective tactics for silencing Agran. But tens of thousands of Irvine residents were also silenced.

These four issues deserve public debate:

All American asphalt plants. For the past two years, the daily lives of thousands of northern Irvine residents have been negatively impacted by the toxic chemicals and odors associated with operating asphalt pylons in the United States. On behalf of these homeowners, Agran repeatedly urged the mayor to hear from residents and arrange a special city council meeting to discuss how the city could help resolve the problem.

Advisory Board for Great Park Residents. Great Park neighborhood residents are paying a special estimate to help fund the millions of dollars in Great Park amenities. So they think they have to say what is being built in Great Park. Agran urged the council to publicly discuss the establishment of the Great Park Residents Advisory Board. This gives residents a say in the Great Park Board meeting.

Veterans Memorial Park and Cemetery. 19,790 residents of Irvine signed an initiative petition approved by the council last year on the 125-acre ARDA site in Great Park. Legally available location in Veterans Memorial Park only. Since January Agran has asked the mayor to allow a public debate about his decision to clear the ARDA site and build a surrounding park with trees, paths and memorial gardens.

District elections. According to city lawyers, Irvine has already hired a huge law firm to anticipate the costly court battle over the district elections. (The law firm is paid for by Irvine taxpayers.) Agran asked the city council to consider moving from the current large-city electoral system to public-participation district elections. Has.

These are four major issues that affect the thousands of residents of our city. These points should be openly discussed by the Board of Directors with broad public participation. Isn’t that what our local democracy looks like? Assuming it works?

Note: Three separate community organizations (one against national asphalt works, one in support of the Great Park Residents Advisory Board, and one in support of the ARDA Site Veterans Memorial Park) “Irvine Residents Participating in Requested Action”. A rally will take place on Tuesday (May 25th) at 3 p.m. shortly before the upcoming city council meeting in front of the town hall.

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How the “Rule of Two” silenced Irvine residents by keeping critical city matters off the council agenda Source link How the “Rule of Two” silenced Irvine residents by keeping critical city matters off the council agenda

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