Everything we know about Robert Irvine’s new alcohol brand

Robert Irvine’s new alcohol brand seems to delight its fans. The chef hasn’t released much information yet, but has pointed out some interesting details to his fans. He wrote on Twitter: “We will have a new liquor line and lists of new bars and groceries in stores soon. I own the distillery and like all of our other products. The money goes to our @rirvinefound foundation. Stay tuned. ” So far, Irvine has added two products to its line: distilled vodka and dry gin.

In another tweet, the chef revealed that he worked hard on the recipes himself and incorporated his favorite ingredients. Plus, they’re all natural. Irvine also mentioned that fans only need to be patient for a few more weeks before the products debut in stores.

The fans are definitely looking forward to Irvine’s new project. One Twitter user wrote: “This is fabulous !!! I’ll look for it!” Another fan joked that they’d love to test the products out before they’re officially launched. That is certainly a relatable thought!

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