Colin Spence, head of Irvine Meadow, applauds the work behind the scenes because the membership pushes the license ahead

Irvine Meadow hopes to gain access to the riches of the Scottish Cup by taking a sheet of Broxburn’s book.

That’s the view of Medda boss Colin Spence, who believes a recent clash with the West Lothian team triggered an eleventh hour for an SFA club license.

Spence was amazed at the sheer volume and speed of improvements that have been made to the facilities at Meadow Park over the past few weeks and months.

He is impressed with the way General Manager Brian Lamb and a persistent group of committee members and volunteers work around the clock to meet the required criteria for a license before February 24th.

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The installation of floodlights is in full swing. A new medical room, modernized changing rooms and toilets are part of an impressive range of work on the go.

And Spence reckons it was all down to his team’s 3-0 second-round victory over Broxburn in the Soccer Shop Challenge Cup in November.

Meadow in action against Broxburn in Albyn Park last November

The Albyn Park team received a full license in 2019 which enabled them to compete in last year’s Scottish Cup.

They enjoyed a suspicious run into the fourth round, where they were eventually knocked out by the Premiership St. Mirren team.

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Spence said, “The committee and volunteers have done a fantastic job, but I have to take my hat off to Brian.

“He’s worked exceptionally hard behind the scenes and keeps everyone busy.

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“He’s always asking you questions – sometimes too many – but you need someone who likes to lead from scratch.

“I think Broxburn’s visit last year really brought home the opportunities a license can offer.

Work on the floodlights in Meadow Park has started

“The money clubs at our level can pretty much pay for the license themselves with a decent run in the Scottish Cup.

“If we get a license in time for the next season, a few doors in and outside the park will open for us.

“Some of my best memories as a player were the Scottish Cup runs that I enjoyed with Auchinleck Talbot.

“Playing Hearts Away is a day I’ll never forget and I would love it if some of our players saw it for themselves.”

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