Another Memorial Day weekend and Irvine still hasn’t kept its promise to build a Veterans Memorial Park

This weekend we pay tribute to everyone who has served the country. But for many veterans and our families, the words of the officials at the memorial services here in Irvine may sound a little empty.

In 2014 when I was attending a session of Irvine City Council and promised the Orange County family, by a unanimous vote of the council, to build a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park on 125 acres of ARDA in Great Park. Visited. The Veterans Memorial Park should include a peaceful veterans cemetery, the historic buildings of the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Base, and a lush surrounding park, trees, boardwalks, and memorial gardens for the entire community. Was designed for.

Veterans Memorial Park on the Great Park ARDA site should go live on Veterans Day 2019!

After the concept and design project on page 333 had been approved and funded by the state and federal government, property developer FivePoint supported the city councils with the property developer’s “loan shark” in the city’s campaign. I borrowed it, intervened in the project and stopped the project. (FivePoint wanted to bring large office, commercial, and industrial development projects to the ARDA website.)

Repeat the Citizens of Irvine has expressed support for the construction of a Veterans Memorial Park on the ARDA grounds of Great Park as originally planned. In recent years Thousands of residents turn to the mayor and parliament directly Through direct testimony, email, and letters. 19,790 Irvine citizens Sign a petition for the initiative ARDA location only Legally available location in Veterans Memorial Park 28,638 Irvine voters Throw your ballot We support a Veterans Memorial Park under construction on the ARDA site.

On this Memorial Day, I ask the Mayor and City Council to do more than just post notes on social media and express their support for us who have served our country. I’m going. The best way to truly respect the sacrifices of veterans and our families is to do the will of the people. This means that Councilor Larry Agran’s decision will be adopted to vacate the ARDA site, preserve historic buildings and begin construction of the Veterans Memorial Park, starting at Boundary Park. … just now!

Ed Pope is a U.S. Army veteran who retired from a high school social science teacher and has lived in Irvine for 47 years. He leads a citizen-led campaign to build the Great Park Veterans Memorial Park.

Ed Pope

Another Memorial Day weekend and Irvine still hasn’t kept its promise to build a Veterans Memorial Park

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