Administrative Assistant in Irvine, CA – Money Journal

Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Industry: government
Age: 31
Place: Irvine, CA.
My salary: $ 58,000
My partner’s salary: $ 132,000
Net worth: – $ 89,879 (This is what we’re working on thanks to my two degrees, a third of which is in progress. This number is my and my partner’s debt, minus our joint savings and checking accounts, my 457 deferred compensation plan and my 401 (k) of partner As a government employee, I am a member of CalPers and receive a pension based on my years of service and highest paid salary, so I do not have a traditional 401 (k) and do not count mine with pension as part of our property.)
Fault: $ 140,000, mostly from my student loans.
My paycheck amount (2x / month): $ 1,555
My partner’s paycheck (2x / month): $ 3,300 (partner)
Pronoun: You / she / ella

Monthly expenses
Rental fee: $ 3,295 (My partner and I share a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment that we recently moved to and it was definitely a boon for us. The apartment company had a move-in special so we got $ 9,000 in shape of the form from two and a half rent free months so we’re actually paying about $ 2,800 a month. We really love our space, mostly because of the floor to ceiling windows in our living and dining areas which give us amazing natural light. our quality of life has improved so much.)
Car payments: $ 838
Student Loans: $ 0 (currently in postponement as I’m in graduate school)
Utilities: ~ $ 60
Internet: $ 75
iCloud storage: $ 0.99
Car insurance: $ 440 (this includes coverage for both our cars and my partner’s father’s car)
Cellphone: $ 359 (we also pay for my partner’s father’s phone service)
Charitable donations: $ 65 (Grl collective, Black Lives Matter, Border Angels)
Peacock: $ 4.99
Netflix: $ 13.99
Fubo: $ 75
Hulu: $ 11.99
Spotify Premium: $ 0 thanks to my sister
Wix: $ 28 (I have a website for my bakery which is more site, less hassle these days. But I pay the monthly fee to maintain the domain so no one can steal it and the mailbox.)

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