A new use has finally been found for the old Irvine Tax Office

A new use for an empty meetinghouse in Irvine has finally been found.

Marress House, next to Cunninghame House, will become a kindergarten and will house the North Ayrshire Council’s concierge system.

Provost Ian Clarkson officially marked the start of the construction phase of the development with a special groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday.

The vacant tax office will be converted into an Early Years Center (ELC), which will include outdoor play areas and a professional learning and development facility to support the introduction of the 1,140-hour expansion at an early age and childcare.

The £ 3.82 million project will accommodate 42 three to five year olds and 21 two to three year olds on the first floor and a new professional ELC learning facility on the upper mezzanine.

Joe Cullinane, Chairman of North Ayrshire Council, said, “Marress House was the former home of the HMRC Treasury and, more recently, the VOCA call center.

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“The local council saw this project as an excellent opportunity to use a local good productively again. The numerous advantages of the new facility for early years include the creation of jobs and a welcome boost for the local economy.

“As a local council, our priority is to offer the highest quality learning so that we can provide a bright future for all of our children and youth.”

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