A new gym opens in Irvine as the country emerges from lockdown

A Dundonald man has opened a state-of-the-art facility in Irvine.

Scott Brown, who raised £ 100,000 for charity after a decade of strenuous fitness challenges, opened Scott Brown Fitness (SBF) gym on Monday.

Originally from Irvine, Scott made the leap into the gym opening on Ailsa Road near the beach while stuck in jail.

“I had a gym in Tarbolton and a lot of my clients are from North Ayrshire. My heart always went there when I first opened three and a half years ago,” said Scott.

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“In this suspension I thought if I don’t do this jump now it will be a lot more difficult.

“The opening day was great. Everyone was respectful with social distancing and the place looked great. I couldn’t wait to get people to practice.”

SBF has the latest equipment, an outdoor obstacle area, and even a hanging tree in the gym for clients to try climbing.

A climbing frame

The gyms were ordered to close on Boxing Day 2020 for an initial two-week period that spanned a four-month period.

Now the gyms in the area are full to the brim.

Scott is excited to open the new facility

Scott is excited to open the new facility

Scott added, “SBF is a community and we train people of all fitness levels, regardless of shape or size. We can help you move around and move around in your everyday life.

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“Some people can feel intimidated when they go to the gym, but my team and I created a community where people feel safe and have a place to try new things and not feel scared.”

To keep clients in shape, four trainers, individual personal training, socially distant group lessons are available, and even Scott’s wife has space for beauty clients.

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