A fast go to to Robert Irvine, the Chef at Restaurant Not possible

That’s what they don’t tell you at journalism school: Photographing reality TV celebrities can be a little intimidating when they show up with a sledgehammer.

All ended well for Tampa Bay Times photographer Brendan Fitterer when Chef Robert Irvine agreed to a brief interview Thursday afternoon when the Show Restaurant Impossible was filmed at Hudson’s Portu-Greek Café.

Fitterer had been standing across from the restaurant when an assistant director tried to get him to leave. But he politely insisted, and before he knew it, Irvine granted a short interview, which you can see in the video above.

Irvine’s Food Network Show was in the area and recorded Wednesday and Thursday.

The show’s premise is to save one of America’s most desperate restaurants on a budget of just $ 10,000 from impending failure in just two days.

The general public was invited to a grand reopening Thursday night to see if Restaurant: Impossible actually reinvented that Greek seafooder from Pasco County’s father and son.

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