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Shenton Way and the freely running Ayer Rajah Expressway are also close to SkyWaters Residences

Dec 9

SkyWaters Residences and The SkyWaters is a 99-year leasehold site will be renovated in the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) which is owned by massive companies Alibaba and Perennial Holdings Private Limited. The new building will have the same, or perhaps more office space than the current building that is located within the Net Lettable Area (NLA).

Alongside the beautiful surroundings , the breathtaking SkyWaters Residences are also stunning property. SkyWaters property is linked to a well-established transportation network. It is surrounded by major roads, including Keppel Viaduct Road, Anson Road, Shenton way and Maxwell Road. A number of MRT stations and bus stops are in the vicinity and connect residents to the estates located in the neighboring.

This mixed development site could have 100 hotel rooms that have executive amenities, as along with 268 beautiful apartments , and retail area of 86.187 sq feet as well office space that will encompass an area of 847,808 sq ft gross floor space (GFA).

Based on the reports in The Business Times (BT), the office space comprises 68,000 square feet, with 720,000 square feet according to NLA greater than 680,000 square feet of Axa Tower when in the case that the building is constructed with a building efficiency ratio (NLA to GFA) between 80% between 85 and 80%. This shows that market watchers are wrong, who expected that the development would result in smaller offices in the medium to long term.


A chance to make it a once in a lifetime, SkyWaters Residences, The SkyWaters property is situated in the middle of Marine Bay, district 1 in Singapore. The site is designed for maximum ease of living as it's located within central Singapore. Central Business District is just a hop, a step, and leap from the city. Today, it's a highly appealing and desirable place to reside within Singapore for those who want to enjoy the view of the city's bustling streets with its modern, chic and high transparent glass buildings.

Another benefit with living in the breathtaking SkyWaters Residences at the SkyWaters is the quick access to many facilities. Numerous shopping centers and leisure facilities, as in addition to medical and educational facilities are all within a brief distance from the enclosure. So, residents will have less trips to satisfy their basic needs whether they travel on the public or private transport.

The neighborhood is tightly-held situated in the tightly-held neighborhood that is Marina Bay, the sensational SkyWaters Residences, the SkyWaters is the ideal residence for those with an eye for luxury life. This lively district 1 is brimming with modern and chic condos that host celebrities as well as emerging young professionals. It is an ideal spot for singles, couples, as well as families due to its proximity to numerous facilities.

The breathtaking SkyWaters Residences The SkyWaters is located in an area with unbeatable connectivity which allows residents to move within the community quickly. The main roadway, Keppel Viaduct, is close to the site and connects Marina Bay residents to the free-flowing Ayer Rajah Expressway. Anson Road and Shenton Way are also located close to SkyWaters Residences, the SkyWaters.

If you're in search of public transportation, several MRT stations are close to the thriving SkyWaters Residences, The SkyWaters. Its MRT Tanjong Pagar station can be found just a few minutes from the SkyWaters Residences. Raffles station, Outram Park, Telok Ayer, Downtown subway station is also connected to various Singapore locations. Bus stops are close by in Tanjong Pagar Station Exit C, Mapletree Anson, Bef Craig Road, Palmer Road, Tanjong Pagar Plaza and The Amara bus stop.

SkyWaters Residences SkyWaters is the ideal home for families with school-going kids due to its proximity to the most well-known schools located in Singapore. Many of these educational institutions are well-equipped and provide a variety of programmes that are accepted all over the world. The schools easily accessible via SkyWaters residences at The SkyWaters comprise: Saint Clare School, Cantonment Primary School Superland Preschool 100AM Tots, and Teddies Preschool. Golden Compass Pte Ltd Stage for Kids Global, Galilee Art School.

In the case of an emergency medical situation, there are numerous clinics and hospitals in close proximity to the beautiful SkyWaters Residences, The SkyWaters. Outram Community Hospital is only 7 minutes away. Singapore General Hospital is also in the vicinity. The DA Clinic@Anson is just a few steps from the site comprising Tanjong Pagar Medical clinic, Raffles Medical Anson Centre, Shenton Family Medical Clinic-Duxton, Fullerton Healthcare Clinic, Providence Medical Centre Pte Ltd, Lee Clinic & Surgery, Grace Clinic and The Bonham Clinic are all within easy reach.

Home and entertainment is a must at SkyWaters Residences. SkyWaters residents are also fulfilled by the well-placed shopping centers in. They stock an array of products needed to be able to live with, such as furniture for children, toys as well as electronic devices, stationery and cosmetics. They provide the convenience of a one-stop shop accessible for Marina Bay residents. Shopping malls located in the area are Tanjong Pagar Xchange, 100AM Shopping Mall, Marina Bay Link Mall, Change Alley Mall, Cross street Exchange and OUE LINK shopping mall.


Are you in search of recreational and natural facilities to calm the mind following a long working day. The attractive SkyWaters Residences The SkyWaters are the ideal residence for families due to its accessibility to the green spaces of the public parks that are located in downtown. There are parks that you can visit Duxton Plain Park, Spottiswoode Park, Neil Road Park, Telok Ayer Park, Ann Siang Hill Park, Pearl's Hill City Park and Tanjong Pagar Park.

SkyWaters Residences as well as SkyWaters Residences and SkyWaters The SkyWaters The million-dollar house is ideal for families because it is close to some of Singapore's most prestigious schools located in Singapore. The educational facilities consist of secondary schools, primary and tertiary educational institutions. International schools like Rethasia International, which is just a hop, a skip and a jump away from the bustling SkyWaters Residences and SkyWaters. SkyWaters provide international students internationally recognized curriculum.

If you enjoy the peace of living in the city's center with lush greenery all around the stunning SkyWaters Residences as well The SkyWaters is the ideal home for you. It is located near a variety of public parks and has an idyllic serene setting that relaxes the heart. Many park are kid-friendly and provide a range of play equipment such as the seesaw and merry-go-round.

The nearest Tanjong Pagar Park is a just a 2 minute stroll away from Choon Guan street, followed by Telok Ayer Park and just 4 minutes to the SkyWaters Residences and SkyWaters Residences and SkyWaters Residence. The other parks that are part of Marina Bay include: Marina Bay neighborhood comprises Duxton Plain Park, Spottiswoode Park, Neil Road Park, Tras Link Park, Ann Siang Hill Park, Read Crescent Park, Raffles Park, Esplanade Park and Vanda Miss Joaquim Park.