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Customised Towel Singapore

Sep 17

What are the Benefits of Customised Towel Singapore with your logo?

Customised towel Singapore with your logos are an original and fun way to create something special. Holden Towels or provides customized towels to buy in huge quantities, which means you can showcase your design to the world at a an affordable price.

The beach towels that are personalized can be found in a range of options. If you're looking to advertise your company or business, or give an individual gift to large number of people, our beach towels are the ideal choice.

Make your event memorable that will be remembered long after the event is finished by handing out personalized beach towels to guests and participants. Let your brand's name be known in trade events by offering guests a customized beach towel that can be used as a promotional item to remind them of your business.

They're also a great idea to put in the wedding gift basket. Friends and family members can receive beach towels that feature your own personal photo printed on the towels. To commemorate any occasion personalized towels to use at the beach made by Holden Towels make an excellent gift or an original item.

Fully Customizable

You can totally modify your towels for beach to meet your requirements in a variety of ways. Begin by deciding on the amount you need, and with no limits, smaller organizations and events can purchase wholesale beach towels at a price that is to your spending budget. A larger amount will cost less per towel.

You then have the option of choosing the color you would like the customised towel singapore to be. We have two options, one and full color options therefore there is a range of ways to personalize to your purchase. You can even add customized artwork on the bulk beach towels, which is particularly useful for businesses looking to broaden their brand and logo. Upload images in the process of customization and we also provide no-cost design assistance if you need help in creating images that you could imprint. Find our image files guidelines here.

Before making your purchase, and prior to payment We make sure your beach towel that you purchase in bulk look exactly the way you want them to, as we wish to establish trust and earn your confidence. Large imprints will ensure that your business's name and image are prominently printed on the towels. With many options for personalizing your towels The possibilities for personalized towels are virtually limitless.

Brand Promotion

Beach towels that are custom designed with logos that is customized can be very adaptable to use as promotional products. If you create your business's logo on the beach towel, with a logo, it's a opportunity to display your brand in an easy manner that could create a huge impact. The personalized towels with logos are like portable billboards!

Imagine your company's branding and name printed onto professional beach towels. You can place them on the beaches or the area of a hotel that is crowded with guests. Imagine how many passers-by pass by and notice a striking bright, fully-colored, personalized towel that features your logo prominently displayed.

They're ideal for hotels and clubs for promoting their brands for guests and members. When you purchase custom beach towels from Aquaholic Gifts you will receive top quality products with a price that is affordable. We offer a broad selection of beach towels to pick to choose from. You'll be guaranteed to find the ideal product that fits your needs and budget.


If you're planning to personalize your product using your company's logo or image , and wish for customers to keep it in mind, you'll need ensure that the product is something that consumers will likely use throughout their lives. Beach towels are a effective promotional item since they're practical and are associated with sun and fun prior to taking a trip to the sea. We've all heard of towels. On the beach or at the pool the towel specially designed is displayed for all who pass along to look at.

They're not just functional and practical, but customised towel singapore produced by Aquaholic  are of high quality. They are made of 100% cotton and certain designs made of 100% Turkish cotton, which makes for an extremely soft and long-lasting towel that keeps your body warm and dry. With our variety of towels, from light to heavy , stripes, as well as the traditional white hue, we'll choose the best one for your customers.

Create Custom Towels Today

For businesses, consider offering something extra as a gesture of appreciation you give to your new and existing customers to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you gift them an outstanding, Turkish cotton custom beach towel, they will feel as if they're receiving an extra treat and will be thankful for the kindness you displayed to them. When they return to the pool or beach the patrons of your business will be helping promote your business. Use your creativity in your marketing to stay ahead of competitors in your industry.

To give a unique present, make your next celebration memorable by giving personalized beach towels that you and will be used by your loved ones for a long time. A personalized towel will to bring back good memories of the occasion.

We are Aquaholic Gifts, we have been providing our customers with best custom beach towels for more than 30 years . We hope to assist customers and businesses create lasting impressions. If you're searching for the best way to present your beloved family members, or friends who are close to you, gifts which can be personalized to your specific requirements Our custom beach towels are an choice.

Are you seeking assistance, answers or solutions concerning the products made available through Aquaholic Gifts? Contact us now to speak with one of our Holden Towels customer service representative and we'll be able to assist you with your custom beach towel printing needs. We appreciate your support every time. We thank you for choosing Aquaholic Gifts as your Customised Towel Singapore Supplier