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How to Keep Floors Clean with Dogs?

May 28

How do you Keep Floors Clean when you have Dogs?   

Who doesn't love a good dog? Dogs are loving, and loyal and are always there to keep us entertained. Being a dog owner means that you have to be aware of the hair and dirt they bring into your home. This can result in dirty floors that are hard to clean without losing your patience. This blog post will teach you how to keep your floors clean with your pet and some of our favorite flooring options for pets.


One of the most important aspects to keep in mind is the fact that not all flooring styles are suitable for pets. There are certain floors that are better for pets than others. It will depend on your individual preferences, but you've probably seen stories of people turning their living spaces into the pigpen as a result of not being able to take care of their pets. It's not something we can avoid. Instead of restricting you by offering suggestions, we'll assist you in understanding the possibilities and help you make your decision. Let's get started!


Pets can help keep your floors clean.

For carpets

It is possible to remove hair from your pet by placing the glove of a rubber hand and then running it across your carpet. Make sure you've got plenty of gloves! This can help you save time when vacuuming. This method isn't recommended for carpets since they are made from fabric so make sure that you have enough gloves. You could also try using an old pair of pants (or knee-highs) to turn them inside-out. Set them on your hands and scrub the carpet with them. This will eliminate any dirt found on your carpets!  

For rugs

Clean the furniture with baking soda and water. This method is suitable for all kinds of furniture. If not done properly, it may cause skin irritation. It is important to follow the instructions carefully before you move on. Remember to follow up by vacuuming, drying the rug well and letting it dry in an open space outside or over a door frame however keep it away from direct sunlight. This could cause the rug to lose colorfast.

For hardwood floors 

Bake soda absorbs spills. After the stain is taken off using paper towels, clean up any remnants. After that, vacuum the area when it's dry. Mix vinegar and water together before applying the mixture to the stain for at least 15 minutes. After that time has passed, wipe away the solution with cloths or an old rag, to ensure that no smell of vinegar remains on the surface. The most appealing aspect of these ingredients is that they do not harm finishes such as varnishes and lacquers, which are typically found on hardwood floors.

For tiles

First, ensure that you clean your floor thoroughly, and then use the same procedure as linoleum. If your dog happens to be sick and has an accident on such flooring, you can use vinegar and water solutions (equal parts), so it kills bacteria. Always make sure to read the instructions of the manufacturer before making any changes or experimenting with something new. Each flooring is made of particular materials, which makes cleaning easier than others since some require specific products to achieve the optimal outcomes. If not done properly it could cause damage to finishes like lacquers and varnishes. Do not forget to teach your dogs to crate! This method has been very helpful for my dogs that are potty-trained.


Excellent Tips to Clean Pet Messes

These methods work well with dogs. They also provide insight into how to use various types of flooring at home. However, if you're unsure of using homemade cleaners so it doesn't damage surfaces like lacquers or varnishes, ask yourself what would fix those costs? You should also be aware that certain chemicals that you have around the house, such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, can cause more harm than good. These cleaners aren't suitable for use on all surfaces.

Vinegar can be used to eliminate any odors from carpets, rugs, or even tile flooring without worrying about the smell of urine contaminating the house because it also eliminates bacteria, which is a plus! Mix water and dish soap together in the spray bottle. Add half of the white distillation vinegar to the other cap. After shaking the mixture thoroughly, make sure the cap is secured. Undiluted apple cider vinegar is not advised since it may cause yellowing of the carpet.

And don't forget about additional organic ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils which can be as effective, if not more so. all the harmful chemicals that are found in most items sold at retail stores these days since those are made for mass appeal instead; of being environmentally safe! Therefore, it's not a good idea to visit a store unless you're forced other than to go to a nearby store first before getting started. If things don't go according to plan It's simple to locate someone who is trained in professional cleaning of tiles, carpets and rug floors. They'll know the exact location of the stain so you don't have to think about where the issue has gone wrong.

Remember that just vinegar will solve many problems at home, if you're not feeling inclined to do anything yourself, then there are plenty of professional cleaning services for hire including carpet cleaners tile, grout specialists, and maids who clean up everything from top to bottom, which includes getting rid of dog hair making it perfect. You can schedule or book an appointment anytime you like with any of these companies depending upon their availability.

There are plenty of alternatives to choose from, so you don't have to worry about it. Just remember these tips to act now before something gets worse than it already is which is why you'll have to scrub like crazy until everything comes off.


Daily Checklist to Keep Floors Clean with Dogs

For Floors:

Clean your floor - This is a quick and easy way to eliminate dust, dirt or other debris off your flooring. It can be done with a broom, handheld vacuum cleaner, or handheld sweeper. You'll save time and money by investing in top-quality equipment to clean these jobs.

Mop your floors regularly - If you notice If there's something that is on your floor that should not be there, make use of a mop to get rid of it. This is an excellent method to get rid of hairs and furs of pets from your floors. Mopping your floors with the proper tools and products won't cause damage.

Carpets vacuumed - Based on the type and amount of dirt that your carpets have You may need to vacuum them. It is possible to vacuum your carpets on a regular basis or every month in accordance with how filthy they are and the amount of time you have available. Before you start vacuuming be sure that all furniture (like coffee tables and footstools) is cleared.

Keep your floors clean by cleaning your stairs - If you're on more than one level it's a vital step to keep them tidy. If stairs are not swept often, they will accumulate a lot of dirt. 

Wash dog bedding - Of course, your furry friend needs its special place for sleeping and sleeping. You should wash your dog's bedding at least once a week, or twice a week depending on the size and often he sleeps on it. Natural detergents are a great option to clean pet products. They are safer than standard detergents and will not cause them to react with any chemical. Just be sure not to ignore these essential steps when keeping home nice and tidy!

Clean dog toys - you might not even think about it, but those pets of yours are prone to play with anything they can find in the house. This includes things that are quite dirty and smelly, such as old socks and tissues. It is recommended to clean his favorite objects at least once a week by using natural cleaners that are safer than regular detergents.

Clean pet bed - Beds for pets when you have multiple dogs, this is a task that should be done every day to make sure all pets sleep on fresh and clean bedding! Based on the size of your house, you can clean their beds at least once per week. Washing them regularly will help prolong their lifespan which means less money spent on buying new beds!

Clean pet bowls and food items - These things can get dirty over time, and also build up bacteria if not properly cleaned. It is important to wash your pet's water and food bowls every day. It is best to use natural soaps that are safe for pets and humans.

NW Maids offers a team of highly-trained and experienced maids who know how to make your floors look clean and keep them that way. They utilize the most advanced tools and cleaning supplies to ensure a thorough clean. In addition, they will collaborate with you to create a customized cleaning plan that will meet your needs and schedule.


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