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How NAD Injections Can Help Someone with an Autoimmune Condition

Apr 28

How Could NAD+ Help Someone With an Autoimmune Condition?

There’s a lot of exciting research that has shown NAD+ could help with autoimmune conditions in two ways:

  1. Facilitating cellular regeneration, and
  2. Helping stop certain cells in the immune system from attacking the body

We know autoimmune conditions attack and destroy cells in the body, causing many of the symptoms associated with that condition. And while the body has processes for repairing and creating new cells, there’s a key enzyme involved in this process. You guessed it: NAD+! Several studies have shown that NAD+ can reverse or ameliorate the symptoms of many autoimmune conditions by helping the body repair tissue damaged by inflammation. For example, people with irritable bowel disease (IBD) experience inflammation that can erode the gut’s protective lining. NAD+ has been shown to improve the quality of this cell lining.

NAD+ also plays a vital role in the immune system. A study published a few years ago found that NAD+ can help regulate the activity of certain types of T-cells, the same kind of immune system cell that attacks the body. This process could potentially reduce inflammation and other symptoms of autoimmune conditions.

Now, in a new study by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a potential treatment may be on the horizon. Researchers found that NAD+, a natural molecule found in living cells, plants and food, protects against autoimmune diseases by altering the immune response and turning “destructive” cells into “protective” cells. The molecule is also able to reverse disease progression by restoring damaged tissue caused by the autoimmunity process.

“Our study is the first to show that NAD+ can tune the immune response and restore tissue integrity by activating stem cells,” said Abdallah ElKhal, HMS instructor in surgery at Brigham and Women’s Division of Transplant Surgery and Transplantation Surgery Research Laboratory and senior study author. “These findings are very novel and may serve for the development of novel therapeutics.”

The study is published online October 7, 2014, in Nature Communications.

Type 1 diabetes. Multiple sclerosis. Celiac disease. Rheumatoid arthritis. These are all common autoimmune conditions. If you’re living with one, you know it can be challenging to manage, even with standard treatments.

But NAD injections may be a helpful supplement for you and other people with autoimmune conditions.