10 Methods The Irvine Grasp Plan Imaginative and prescient Will Be Realized

LOOKING FORWARD The Irvine Master Plan is an extraordinary document. It begins with these words: “What we are developing here are plans for a completely new city, carefully and expensively worked out plans. We call it the city of Irvine. “

The following details what makes Irvine a unique and remarkable place to live, work, go to school and raise a family.

His words and deep vision jump off the page. Here’s why: When the Irvine Company’s early planners decided 60 years ago to start a city around a University of California campus, there was no development or infrastructure to support a city on the historic Irvine Ranch. They proposed a fully functional city – from scratch.

In this special edition, we look at 10 ways this bold plan has been and is being realized – resulting in the quality of life that residents enjoy today.

1. Irvine should be a city of the intellect

2. As a city of villages, Irvine makes life easier

3. Irvine has more parks and open spaces

4. Irvine’s shopping malls offer resort-like experiences

5. Irvine’s residents are healthy, happy, and fit

6. Irvine attracts big brands and lots of jobs

7. Irvine is an arts and culture center in OC

8. Irvine’s architecture is timeless

9. Irvine’s early attention to infrastructure pays off

10. Irvine residents live in the safest city in America

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